Electro Colposcope

Product Specifications
Electro ColposcopeDifference contrast
  •   Product name Electro Colposcope
  • Technical parameter 1. 1/2.8 inch original Sony sensor with HD CMOS image
  •   2. Full HD 1080P digital video output with high definition
  •   3. 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, total 240x magnification
  •   4. Signal-to-noise ratio greater than 50db
  •   5. Best working distance 20-30CM
  •   6. Automatic/manual focus
  •   7. Automatic/manual white balance adjustment
  •   8. Imaging post-processing green light function
  •   9. Double aperture LED light source (green, white)
  •   10. Illuminated intensity ≥ 1200Lux
  •   11. Real-time dynamic observation, instant imaging acquisition, freeze, contrast, save and delete function
  •   12. Powerful image processing functions: area selection, block zoom, image enhancement, length area measurement, up and down, left and right full-direction flip, negative image, calibration setting, image annotation, pseudo-color
  •   13. Professional case management system, which have convenient archive, inquiry, search, add,modification, delete and backup functions
  •   14. Freely edit the contents and pictures of the printed report, and the method of report generating can be added or selected
  •   15. The software has timing photograph function with fluorescence reaction, instantaneous collection of multiple photos for case analysis
  •   16. The software has RCI International Standard Evaluation System
  •   17. Hardware System: high-performance computer, INTEL i7 high-speed processor, 2G memory, 500G hard disk, 22-inch LCD monitor, Mini Sata HD video capturing card, supports color ink-jet printer with photo level

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